Disney Sued For Failing To Eradicate Bed Bugs From One Of Their Resort Hotels

Bed bug infestation cases have been steadily increasing for the past two decades, but no industry has been hit harder by the bed bug resurgence than the hospitality industry. Unsurprisingly, hotels and resorts located in tourist hot spots see a disproportionately high amount of bed bug infestations. For example, last year, a Louisiana couple sued Disney in response to their stay within a bed bug infested room at the All-Star Movies Resort near Disneyworld. This lawsuit was filed by Ashley and Robert LaCombe, and the case was transferred to an Orlando court last May. The couple claims that their autistic son experienced trauma related to repeated bed bug bites while staying at the resort. The couple is seeking 75,000 dollars in damages from Disney. A Disney spokesperson did not specifically comment on the case but said that the company would respond appropriately in court.

The family stayed at the resort for a period of five days, and while they noticed what appeared to be bug bites on their body, the family did not realize that they had stayed within a bed bug-infested room until they returned to their New Orleans home. Each of the three family members allegedly sustained hundreds of bed bug bites, which their lawyer claims resulted in scarring. When the family contacted the resort about their infested room, staff members claimed that bed bugs had been found recently in the resort. Unfortunately, the bed bugs infested the LaCombe family’s clothing and eventually their luggage, allowing the pests to hitch a ride back to the family’s hometown where the insects promptly established an infestation within their home. The lawsuit filed by the LaCombes states that the resort’s management failed to provide a bed bug-free room to the family. A pest control professional eradicated the bed bugs from the family’s home, but they still had to throw away bed bug-infested furniture, clothing, bedding and many other items.

Do you check hotel rooms for bed bugs immediately after checking in?

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